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3406 Ormond Ave.,
Cincinnati, OH 45220
In the Historic Gaslight District of Clifton 
Off Ludlow, one block west of Clifton Ave.
(513) 281-8800


Menu of Services

Dr. Kaplan and his staff offer a wide range of dental services, from aesthetic treatments to advanced dental care. Our wide range of expertise includes:

Digital Dental X-rays
Reduces patient exposure to radiation by one third the amount needed for film

Complete Dental Hygiene Services

 cleanings & non-surgical periodontal treatment
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dentist examines young patient

Aesthetic Restorative Bonding

and other restoration, laminate veneers
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bright white smile

Crown & Bridge Restoration

Restorations for reinforcement of compromised tooth structure, and or replacement of missing teeth.
three unit fixed dental bridge
3 Unit Fixed Bridge
diagram of single crown restoration

Implant dentistry

Replace missing teeth and to retain complicated denture cases.
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picture of dental implant

Convential partial & complete denture cases

When total rehabilitation of the mouth is required complete or partial dentures may be the answer. In some cases these appliances can be retained by implants
denture photo

Cosmetic Dentistry
Including: Laminate Veneers, Aesthetic Bonding, to close unwanted spaces & change the shape and color of existing teeth

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before and after photo of cosmetic dentistry

Teeth Bleaching/Whitening
Both in Office & Take Home Methods

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tooth whitening smile before and after

Individual Treatment Plans

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dental hygienist cleans patients teeth

Sedation Dentistry

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dentist discussing procedure with patient

Snoring/Sleep Apnea Treatment

Snoring and mild Sleep Apnea can be improved or eliminated with portable & easy to use Dental Appliances.
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couple sleeping and snoring

Tempromandiberal Dysfunction

Chewing muscle pain, sore teeth, and headaches, are frequently caused by stress, poor bite and injury to the head and neck.
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patient with jaw pain

Invisible Braces

Invisible orthodontic treatment to provide a more aesthetic smile.
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invisible braces

Root Canal Treatment 

Can help save badly diseased and broken down natural teeth
Illustration of root canal
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