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Sedation Dentistry Cincinnati, OH

Dental anxiety is a common reason patients give for not visiting the dentist. Avoiding the dentist can lead to more advanced dental concerns requiring complex treatments. Do not let a fear of the dentist prevent you from enjoying your optimal oral health and beautiful smile. There are solutions to reducing dental anxiety, and you have options.

Dr. Kaplan is experienced in many pharmacological modalities that can help reduce anxiety, including oral and inhalation (Nitrous oxide) sedation. Please do not hesitate to ask about your sedation dentistry options. Sedation dentistry allows you to remain alert, but completely relaxed during your treatment. Dr. Kaplan is able to perform multiple treatments in one sitting, reducing your need for repeat visits for the same procedure.

The type of sedation you receive will depend on your personal preference, your medical history, and the procedure you require. Dr. Kaplan will review your options with you in detail during your consultation.

Learn more about your sedation dentistry options.
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Patient Education

The office of Dr. Kaplan believes in patient education. We often find that a thorough explanation of procedures helps patients feel more at ease. We talk our patients through all treatments and help them to understand their oral health so they may make more informed decisions regarding their dental care.

Our team is compassionate and understanding of your dental anxiety. Please be sure to discuss your concerns with us so we can make the appropriate accommodations for you.

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If you have been away from the dentist for many years, we understand. We provide a judgment-free zone where all patients are welcome. We can help you find the dental treatments you need to restore your smile. Contact our Cincinnati, OH dentist office at (513) 540-4630 or use our online form to request your personalized consultation.