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Dental Concerns Cincinnati, OH

Your oral health is important! Taking care of your teeth and gums can help you enjoy a healthier, more fulfilling life. A bright, healthy, beautiful smile can make you look and feel your best. At our Cincinnati, OH dentist office we take pride in partnering with our patients to help them improve and maintain their more natural smile. Your teeth are an integral part of how you look. But if not cared for properly, you may smile less often, or experience systemic health issues.

Dr. Marvin Kaplan provides a full range of dental treatments for dental concerns that affect the function, health, and apperance of your smile. Dental concerns range from minor chips and tooth discoloration to missing teeth and periodontal disease. Addressing dental concerns as soon as they begin to develop allows for more conservative treatment options. Dr. Kaplan reccomeneds that patients visit the dentist twice a year for routine check-ups and disease prevention.

Our dental care team is highly trained in all phases of oral development from infancy through adulthood. We provide family-friendly dentistry to patients of all ages in the Cincinnati, OH area.

Common Dental Concerns

Learn more about common dental concerns and how they affect your family’s smiles.

Personalized Attention To Your Dental Concerns

Our dental care team always takes the time to listen to your concerns and to take your preferences into consideration. We help you to manage your dental care treatment plan to fit your budget and achieve your goals. We take a personalized approach to all dental care and tailor our services to your unique dental health needs. Our goal is to build positive patient-dentist relationships through open communication and a focus on patient education.

If you are looking for a  family dentist in the Cincinnati, OH area, contact the office of Dr. Marvin Kaplan at (513) 540-4630. Our professional, caring dental team can help you begin your journey to better oral health, and a confident, more beautiful smile.