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Tooth Extraction Cincinnati OH

Tooth ExtractionAn Overview

A tooth extraction is often used to address a severely decayed or damaged tooth. In some cases, tooth extraction is used to reduce overcrowding, preventing orthodontic issues. Tooth extractions are also common for teen patients whose wisdom teeth are impacted.

Dr. Kaplan only recommends tooth extractions when necessary, making every attempt to preserve as much of the natural smile as possible. Dental fillings and root canals are used prior to resorting to a tooth extraction when possible.

Tooth extractions are a relatively painless procedure that can be performed in one visit to our office with the use of a local anesthetic. We also offer dental sedation options for anyone who experiences anxiety or fear of the dentist.

A tooth extraction may be necessary to:

  • Reduce overcrowding
  • Remove impacted wisdom teeth
  • Remove damaged tooth
  • Remove diseased tooth

Tooth Extraction What to Expect

A tooth extraction is a routine dental procedure typically completed in just one visit to our Cincinnati, OH dentist office. Dr. Kaplan will administer a local anesthetic, or sedation dentistry if requested. Once the patient is comfortable and numb, the procedure will begin.

The tooth is gently removed by the root. The tooth will be taken out of the tooth socket. The socket is cleaned and sutured shut to prevent infection. Depending on the location of the extracted tooth, a dental implant may be recommended. Dr. Kaplan will coordinate the surgical placement of dental implants with a local oral surgeon.

Our dental care team will provide patients with post removal instructions to ensure a speedy and safe recovery. Patients typically return to their routine the following the day after treatment.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the last molar to emerge in the back of the mouth. Many patients will require their wisdom teeth to be removed to prevent overcrowding or shifting of the teeth. Typically, patients get their wisdom teeth removed during their late teens or early twenties. Dr. Kaplan will track the development of the molars using digital x-rays and determine if extraction is necessary.