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DenturesAn Overview

implant secured denture cincinnati oh dentistDentures are the standard treatment option for replacing a full arch or a full set of missing teeth. Dentures can be removable or secured in place using dental implants.  Modern dentures are designed to mimic the natural function and appearance of teeth for a beautiful, confident smile. A Cincinnati restorative dentist, Dr. Marvin Kaplan works with edentulous patients to create a personalized treatment plan that will restore health, beauty and function with lasting results.

Dentures are made from high-quality, durable dental materials. The denture is custom designed by Dr. Kaplan to fit the natural aesthetic of your face and smile. Dentures can help patients enjoy a more varied diet and increase their confidence in their smile.

Dental Implant Secured Denture

Implant supported dentures offer superior stability and improve overall oral health. Implants are surgically placed in the jaw bone, helping to promote bone retention and prevent gradual facial sagging and changes in the fit of the bite.  Dental implant secured dentures function and look like natural teeth. If patients choose to secure their denture using dental implants, Dr. Kaplan will coordinate with a local oral surgeon for the surgical phase.

Dentures What to Expect

Dr. Marvin Kaplan in Cincinnati, OH offers implant secured and traditional denture options for replacing missing teeth. We provide personalized exams and consultations to determine which treatment option is best for restoring your oral health.

Dentures allow patients with missing teeth to enjoy a beautiful smile and healthy bite once again. Dentures help protect a patients health from secondary complications often associated with missing teeth.  From the initial consultation and exam to the final fit, Dr. Kaplan will coordinate all phases of treatment with his patients.

Dentures are custom designed and fabricated to enhance the aesthetics of the individual patient. Dr. Kaplan will work with a local dental lab to create a denture that fits precisely and comfortably. The denture will fit snugly in the mouth or can be anchored with dental implants for a stable and secure bite.