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Inlay & OnlayAn Overview

Inlay and Onlays are used to repair a tooth damaged by advanced tooth decay. Dr. Marvin Kaplan typically reccomeneds inlay and onlays for repairing a tooth that has structural damage but does not yet need to be extracted.

Dr. Kaplan custom designs inlay and onlays from a highly durable and natural looking porcelain material. The restoration is created to blend seamlessly with your tooth for a beautiful result. The goal of the inlay or onlay is too strengthen the structure of the tooth while enhancing the aesthetic of your overall smile. Inlay and onlays tightly adhere to the tooth sealing out future decay.

Cincinnati, OH general and family dentist Dr. Marvin Kaplan provides patients with thorough oral health exams to determine which treatment option will provide the most stable and lasting results. Treatment will be tailored to your oral health needs improving your dental wellness and the esthetic of your smile.

Dr. Kaplan has been my dentist for 20+ years. I absolutely adore him as well as my Hygienist, Angela. The entire staff are incredibly kind. I highly recommend them.Debra S.
I have been going to Marvin Kaplan for years and always very satisfied. They all are great and helpful. Staff is extremely friendly and always an enjoyable visit.Savannah D.
I just had my first appointment and had a great experience from the front desk to the chair. My hygienist, Angela was very thorough and Dr. Kaplan was very knowledgeable. Looking forward to the continued relationship.Renee H.

Inlay & Onlay What to Expect

Dr. Kaplan begins the inlay or onlay procedure by administering a local anesthetic for the comfort of the patient. Once numb, the decayed tissue is removed from the infected tooth. The tooth is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the inlay or onlay.


Inlays are used to treat decay affecting the contour of the surface of the tooth. Inlays are ideal for treating large surface areas of decay. The inlay will be color matched and polished to create a seamless, beautiful and lasting result.


Also referred to as a partial crown, the onlay is custom designed to conform to the crevices of the crown of the tooth. Onlays are used to treat damage or decay in the crown of the tooth, a common place for decay to develop due to the difficulty to clean.

Dr. Kaplan DMD

Why choose Marvin N. Kaplan DMD?

Marvin Kaplan DMD is a Cincinnati native and active member of our local community. For over 35 years, he has been providing the highest standard of dental care in a courteous, compassionate manner. Dr. Kaplan practices relationship-based dentistry helping patients receive high-quality dentistry in a welcoming and encouraging environment.

From routine preventative dental services to advanced dental solutions for complex concerns, Dr. Kaplan and out entire dental care team offer patients the benefit of experience, training and a commitment to excellence in dentistry.

Dr. Kaplan and our entire dental care team welcome new patients and families to our comfortable, state of the art cosmetic dentist office located in Cincinnati, OH. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Kaplan, call our office at (513) 540-4630 or request a comprehensive exam using our convenient online form.