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Emergency Dentistry Cincinnati, OH

Emergency DentistryAn Overview

In the event of a dental emergency contact Dr. Kaplan at (513) 540-4630.
Our staff will make every effort to fit you in for a same day appointment if necessary.

Dental emergencies most frequently occur when you least expect it. If you or your family member are experiencing a dental emergency please call our Cincinnati, OH dentist office for immediate attention. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, dial 9-1-1.

After a dental emergency occurs it is essential to contact a dentist as soon as possible. Visiting the dentist right away can potentially allow Dr. Kaplan to save your broken or lost tooth.

What if I am afraid to visit the dentist?
If you are afraid to visit the dentist due to dental anxiety, our dental care team can help you get the treatment to restore your smile. Dr. Kaplan offers sedation dentistry methods to help you relax while he performs emergency dental care to repair your tooth.

Emergency Dentistry FAQs

What should I do if my tooth gets knocked out?

If an adult tooth gets knocked out of the mouth it is important to remain calm and manage any bleeding. Call Dr. Kaplan right away for further guidance.

If you can locate your tooth, handle the tooth by the crown only, careful not to touch or agitate any root structure attached to the tooth. Place the tooth in milk or a glass of your own saliva. Bring your tooth with you to your appointment.

Why do I have tooth pain?

Severe tooth pain can be a symptom of many dental concerns. Tooth decay is a common cause of tooth pain and in more rare cases an abscess may cause intense tooth discomfort.

Either way, visiting the dentist as soon as possible is important. Early diagnosis of developing dental concerns allows for more conservative and effective treatment options.

What should I do if I broke a dental crown?

If a dental crown, fililng or other dental restoration should become damaged or fall out, NEVER attempt to reattach it yourself.

In most cases the damaged restoration can not be reused. Call Dr. Kaplan to schedule a consultation to have your restoration restored.