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Answering Common Invisalign Questions

Are you interested in Invisalign treatment but want to know more about Invisalign before your next dental appointment? Patient education is an important aspect of our dental practice. We want our patients to be educated about their options throughout their dental journeys. Our team welcomes you to read answers to common questions about Invisalign that we often receive in our Cincinnati, OH, office to learn more about the treatment process.

Invisalign questions in Cincinnati, OH

Invisalign FAQs in Cincinnati, OH

Learn answers to commonly asked questions about Invisalign treatment:

Why do I need to wear retainers after Invisalign treatment?

Wearing a retainer following Invisalign treatment keeps your teeth straight and in place. If you do not continue to wear your retainers after Invisalign treatment, you can develop orthodontic relapse. Orthodontic relapse occurs when teeth shift back into misalignment. Patients can experience slight tooth gaps or crooked teeth if they have an orthodontic relapse. Some patients may need to “re-straighten” their teeth with Invisalign if orthodontic relapse occurs.

How long do you need to wear Invisalign aligners each day?

You should wear your Invisalign aligners 22 hours a day, only removing your aligners to eat and drink. Wearing the aligners for many consecutive hours ensures that you make good progress in your treatment. We do not recommend removing your aligners for multiple hours as it can take more time for your teeth to shift.

Is Invisalign treatment painful?

It will take time to get used to each new aligner as the teeth conform to the shape. However, any sensitivity or discomfort from adjusting to the aligners will fade. Other aspects of Invisalign treatment are not painful as we do not need to make many adjustments, unlike metal braces which require new wires and brackets.

How do you know if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign?

Good Invisalign candidates have all of their adult teeth, are in good oral health, and have mild to moderate orthodontic problems. Candidates for Invisalign also do not have problems like teeth clenching or grinding, which can damage their Invisalign aligners. During an examination, we can determine if you are a good candidate.

Does Invisalign give you a lisp?

When you first begin Invisalign treatment, you may have a slight lisp. However, as you get used to your new treatment, it will be much easier to speak clearly with the aligners on your teeth.

What can I eat with Invisalign?

There are no dietary restrictions with Invisalign. However, patients need to remove their Invisalign aligners to eat and drink. The only thing patients can consume with their aligners on is water.

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