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How Diabetes Can Affect Your Oral Health

diabetes Cincinnati, OH dentistDiabetes can have a big impact on many aspects of your life, including your oral health. Poorly controlled blood sugar levels increase your risk of developing an array of problems in your mouth. If you have diabetes, it’s important to understand these problems so that you can take steps to prevent or seek treatment for them.

One of the best steps you can take to prevent dental problems from diabetes is scheduling regular appointments with Dr. Marvin Kaplan and his dental care team. At our Cincinnati, OH dentist office, we provide personalized and comprehensive preventative dental check-ups, teeth cleanings, diagnostic digital x-rays, and oral disease screenings during your exam. We take time to visit with each patient on a one-to-one basis so you have the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have about how diabetes can affect your oral health.

The Risks Caused By Diabetes

Poorly controlled blood sugar levels can make you more likely to experience a variety of  dental problems such as:

  • Dry mouth- Also called xerostomia, dry mouth is a condition that occurs when there is not enough saliva in your mouth. It can cause discomfort in the form of a sore throat, burning sensations in your mouth, and difficulty swallowing or speaking. Since saliva helps protect teeth from plaque, reduced saliva levels caused by dry mouth can lead to faster tooth decay.
  • Cavities- When your blood sugar is poorly controlled, sugar levels increase in your saliva as well as your blood. The bacteria that naturally occurs in your mouth thrive on this sugar and causes plaque. Plaque is a clear, sticky film that forms on your teeth and causes problems such as cavities.
  • Gum disease– High blood sugar levels also weaken your body’s ability to fight off infections. This makes it easier to develop gum disease, a bacterial infection of the gum tissue and bones around teeth. Early symptoms of gum disease include red, swollen gums that bleed after normal brushing or flossing.

Schedule An Appointment 

Dealing with oral complications from diabetes can be a challenge, but Dr. Kaplan can help. Contact our Cincinnati, OH dentists office today if you are experiencing any of the problems described above. To schedule a check-up, call (513) 342-2644 or request an appointment online.