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Stay Informed: Is Vaping Bad For Me?

The short answer to vaping is that it is definitely bad for you. Nothing is natural about all that smoke coming from a vaping device such as a JUUL. Hopefully, vaping is just a fad that will quickly fade away from the popular heights that it has recently reached. Most patients do not know that vaping will still deliver harmful chemicals to your body; the most damaging is nicotine.


What Is Nicotine?

Nicotine is an addictive substance that’s also a carcinogen which is a substance that’s known to cause cancer. Nictone is addictive, and you never want your body to be dependent on anything, especially nicotine. Nicotine has been proven to cause tumors and rapid growth of existing tumors. Not too mention, nicotine causes lung cancer, breast cancer, and many other forms of cancer. Also, nicotine will damage your oral health, staining your teeth and damaging your gums.

Problems Caused By Nicotine

  • Saliva Production
    • Nicotine will limit your body from producing saliva. Saliva is crucial for the success or your mouth and your oral health. Saliva will keep your mouth moist, helping to prevent dry mouth and tooth decay. Dry mouth will lead to something medically called Halitosis, which is commonly referred to as bad breath. We are not talking about bad breath from a slice of pizza with garlic on it; we are talking about chronic bad breath that will cause people to avoid speaking with you.
  • White Blood Cell Count
    • Nicotine will cause your body to produce less white blood cells. White blood cells are used to help your body to stop bleeding and to heal faster when injured. This will affect your overall health, and your oral health as well. For example, if you were to have a surgery done in your mouth, and have nicotine in your body or dependency on nicotine, then it will take much longer for you to heal after your surgery. This will cause you unnecessary hours in our office.

Vaping has not been around that long, however from what we already know, it is not a safe alternative to smoking, and should be avoided at all costs for your best overall health, and your most healthy smile.

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